Thursday, September 17, 2009

Camp Love Mission Blog: With Boughs Reaching

We drove to Waveland, Mississippi tonight.

It was one of the hardest hit areas, and has remained one of the most devastated. We drove at twilight, which highlighted the frightening and desolate skyline. I've never seen anything like it.

The church pictured above is St. Clare's Catholic Church in Waveland. On the left, you can see a gorgeous trees reaching to the heavens. The massive brick structure is a lovely architectural work. It faced the shore, and as their congregants worshiped, they could hear the ocean softly whispering its own prayers.

Then Katrina hit. August 29, 2005 brought the largest storm to hit the US in history. The area had been evacuated, and as folks left, they knew that when they returned, they might have nothing left.

You can see on the right that the church is gone - only a small, pre-fab structure remains. But it is the tree that strikes me in such a profound way. Look how it twists as if to shield its face from the storm. Its boughs pull away from its trunk. But its trunk stayed grounded.

Today, four years later, there are still driveways to nowhere, empty foundations and broken piers. There is sand on the streets.

Katrina was big, but God is bigger.

May we all have such faith to believe.


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Judith said...

I wish I could see all of your pictures. The post-Katrina ones aren't showing up.