Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Camp Love Mission Blog: Standing

Storm over Mississippi


there are days

where your task is big and your needs are few

where the team is willing

but the tools are

limited and distributed

with willing souls all around

The clouds roll in, the thunder rolls, the momentum slows, and the rain pours.

We take a deep breath and look around, and see what we’ve done.

The home is quiet. Children play inside, waiting for naps and their mama.

The porch is clear and then cluttered again. We sweep the dust,

which settles back down in a spot only 6 inches to the left.

The willing hands wait patiently and find a way to help as the floor gets laid



at a time.

Mallets and saws pound shrill noises into our ears.

The daughters return, delighted to see their new room taking shape.

A rhythm begins, the team forms, and though four hands worked to push and wiggle boards into place

other feet stood, keeping the floating floor from floating


patient feet

determined hands

aching backs

A room is ready.

Thanks be to God.



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