Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Camp Love Mission Blog: More Adventures in Tire Maintenance

Last night was a pleasant evening of delicious food (thanks Teresa and Teri!) and wonderful fellowship. There was the brief, scary moment in our leisure time when we realized that each of us was glued to a screen of some sort. We shared the news of Patrick Swayze's death and checked on football scores. We talked programs and ministry ideas. We showed one another pictures of our children and grandchildren.

It was not lost time but a sudden awareness of how dependent we have all become on technology. (I am fully aware of the irony as I write this blog on my internet-enabled phone.) Julie, our Cruise Director for the week, rescued us by opening up a game called Whonu, which invites the participants to draw cards with different nouns or activities listed on them. The task is to go around the circle and choose the card that best fits each person. The words are horribly arbitrary; my first hand offered me these choices:

Bunk beds
Swimming in the Ocean
The New York Yankees

Strange, no? The idea is to get to know one other, apparently through the strange minutae of particular preferences. It was delightful. We played until lights out and now have lots of fodder for one-liners and can make multiple references to earlier bits, which is a foundation for all good humor.

We are on the road to Jerry's house and are prepped to finish painting and start laying the floor. Before we left, we had yet another delay as we aired up the tires on the bus. We have spent almost as much time in service to the wheels on the bus as we have to people. But, we're off and rolling for another day.

God's peace be with you, and may God's hand keep us safe.

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