Sunday, September 20, 2009

Camp Love Mission Blog: Prayer upon Arriving Home

Holy and Gracious God,

We give you thanks on this Sabbath day. Our group of 12 pastors have returned home to our familes, friends and churches, laden with stories and a profound sense of Your Holy presence in the midst of chaos.

On our hearts, we bear the names and faces of those we met in Gulfport. We lift them up to you:

For Steve and Betty and their tireless acts of service and giving at Camp Love,
For the folks from First UMC in Mocksville, NC and their dedication to mission work,
For Jerry, that he may continue to bless those who come to finish the work he began, and that he may be blessed sevenfold by unconditional love, outpoured by Your servants,
For Rose, Tucker, Wyatt, Josie and Jackie, that their homes may be filled with the love of God and the presence of peace and plenty,
For those at Lookout 49, who serve the food that sustains so many,
For Kenny, LP, Kenny Wayne, Angela, Christine, Paul, Amy, Nate and especially Nick, may you shine Light into all of the darkness surrounding them, that their stories might be a testament to the grace and mercy promised to us through the good news of Christ,
For the man who stopped to help our bus full of stranded preachers heading home. He came, though he had not been called, and he fulfilled Jerry’s prayer that we may be blessed in our lives.

God of love, we thank you and praise you. We are humbled and grateful for the surprising ways you meet us and connect us in love. Help us an keep us as we return. Bless those who sent us and may we continually praise your name.

Amen and Amen.

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