Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Reflection: Mindfulness and Glory...

Today was the first day of Spring.

The clock gave us an extra hour of daylight, and after church and afternoon naps, we biked to McKoy Park. We mused over the bizarreness that a week ago, Atlanta was doused with golf-ball sized snowflakes, and our Sunday afternoon consisted of making a snowman. Today, we dressed in shorts and pumped up the bike tires. God's sense of humor is HILARIOUS.

Before this, we had the delight of lunching with some friends from church, who are preparing for a baptism. The baptism is for their daughter, who is 10 years old. She is the one who has prompted this decision, and her mindfulness is leading the whole family into a great relationship with the church community. It's rare and lovely to encounter such age-defying decisiveness.

Jackson's face captures the joy that exuded from all of us as we biked swiftly to an afternoon of fun. Even Dementor Bike offering to suck only a partial bit of the joy of life from Matt as he bravely pedaled with Cooper cheering him on.

We dined at MoJo Pizza in Oakhurst, which is famous for spicy sauce and absentmindedly slow service. We got wise and called ahead, offering to pick up our order (and then eat it on their patio... mwahahahaha!). A large Mr. Pete's pizza was nearly ready, and the boys got to have dessert before dinner, which has happened approximately never in their lives. They sucked down push pops and munched on ice cream sandwiches while Matt and I enjoyed cold beverages and then we devoured our main course.

We biked home and prepared for bed. Cooper tried on the sock that I'd completed the night before. It's done, and unfortunately, I made the beginner mistake of not following my pattern, so it's sized for a four year old instead of a grown-up.

Jackson is thrilled.

Today was a good day. It was more than good, really. It was glorious. Simple. Easy. Restful. Fun. Mindful and joyous.

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