Friday, March 13, 2009

It is Finished...

Onto thy foot, I commend my sock.

It took me nearly 3 weeks from casting-on to kitchener stitching-off, but I've finished one, whole sock. Other than a few, minor first-sock glitches, it's perfect.

Perfect, that is, for a four-year old foot.
Or, for a grown-up with feet with the exact proportions of a Barbie doll.

I mentioned this all-too briefly in a previous post, but I felt that the great first sock project of Ought-Nine needed it's own blog lovin'.

This was my first real non-hat/scarf project. It's a little insane, I know. Socks can be purchased in stores these days, for less money than it takes to buy lunch (and they last longer than lunch, at that).

But the good and patient folks at Sheepish in Decatur are big into sock knitting. They swear that it's the only way to really keep your feet cozy and warm. The investment of time and some fancy yarn will be returning heaps upon pounds of good use for years to come. Yes, the skein cost $16, but I'll get at least two pairs out of it, and they will be washed and worn with love and respect.

You can't say that about store-bought socks.

I pray that I do not fall prey to the disease that is Second Sock Syndrome (REALLY!). I know that there are ways around it, but making one sock and then neglecting to ever cast-on/finish the other is completely something I would do.

But for you, sweet Jackson, I will continue on. I have cast on your sock's mate and it will be yours very soon.

Soon, that is, after I finish my whisper cardigan...


Sara said...

I am very jealous of your fancy sock. My scarf is starting to look abnormal but I honestly dont know how to fix problems when I create them. I can't remember how to cast on. I don't know how to take it off when it's finished. It'll be another month before it's finished I bet. It'll be a year before I'm brave enough for sockage! YAY YOU!

Cheryl Thompson said...

Sock knitting looks hard. My head hurts just looking at that curlique frame thing.

Loving Landon said...

are you taking orders yet?

Anonymous said...

You are good. I consider socks a disposable item in my house. If I knitt them would that cure the problem?