Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reverend Soccer Mama

I am sure this is the first of hundreds of blog posts that will reference or be centered around my sons and their sporting events.

BUT, this is the first, and consequently, must be celebrated with the appropriate amount of pictorial documentation.

Jackson, along with two classmates from school, had his first soccer practice tonight.

Yeah, I know. This isn't even the first game, and I'm already geeked out beyond belief at how awesome this is. I get it.


But, friends, let me tell you that there is nothing more wonderful than watching your offspring look up to another grown up, receive and follow instruction, participate with friends old and new, and beam with the joy of accomplishment at completing a challenging new task.

And I'm just talking about the jumping jacks during warm-up.

Most of the other kids have both played soccer and have played soccer together. So, they're old pros now. But, Jackson and his buddies are new to this. That having been said, it mattered little since there were four coaches for the 16 kids on the field. They set up a rotational model of drills and exercises, and the kids got some really excellent four-to-one time with the coaches.

J really struggled with dribbling a ball through the cones. He couldn't quite get all of his limbs working together at the same time, but when we talked about it later, he said that it was the part he enjoyed most.

Man, I love that kid...

And lest you worry about Cooper, Kid Brother Extraordinaire!, know that he had a blast running around like he owned the place. I don't know that it occurred to him that he wasn't on the team, in some ways.

And I wouldn't fret too much about Cooper missing out. He found ways to occupy his time and build up his strength:

Look out, football fans. This kid's gonna grow up quickly...

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boglarkiss said...

Hello Mandy,
I am happy that I "found" you and your family. The boys are beautiful and I am glad that everything is going great at the Flemming household. And I am very greatful that I can enjoy your sermons and wisdom of life (or unfortunately death sometimes)from hundreds of miles away.
Have a wonderful afternoon!
Bogi from NJ