Friday, May 8, 2009

Stained Glass Ceiling: Shattered!

Last week, I was driving with Jackson to a party. Something came up about St. Mark Church, and we had this exchange:

Jackson: Mom? Why don't you sit with Daddy, Cooper and I during church?
Me: Well, J, I have to sit up front with Reverend Josh and Reverend Jimmy and Reverend Phillip so that we can help lead worship.
Jackson: Oh. [Pause.]
I didn't know boys could be Reverends.

Congratulations, women in ministry! We have finally arrived! Matt and I have joked that the next mind-boggling topic will be the discovery that boys and girls can get married. (BA-ZING!) We've got a new generation of tiny folks on our hands, and I have to say, I like how they think.


Courtney said...

This is beautiful! I have dreamed that I would have a child who would one day tell me that a man doesn't "look like a minister" to him/her. Congrats, my friend!

Jules said...

Excellent! Your sons are blessed to see the range of possibilities and we are blessed to have you and your family!