Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God's sense of humor is intimately linked with God's sense of time.

Today, Matt got up and rode to a conference for preachers with his friend and colleague. This conference, called the Festival of Homiletics, is kind of a big deal. Last year, 2300 preachers and ministers of all kinds descended upon Minneapolis for this conference. This year, it's back in Atlanta, and we were thrilled that it would be so close.

So, today, Matt arrived for the opening session and at around 10:30 am, was approached an asked to speak at the Festival. Today. At 1:30. Apparently, Jim Wallis missed his plane.

Jim, wherever you are, Thank you.

So, with a little bit of frenzy and a lot of trust, Matt walked to the pulpit at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, and began his lecture. People laughed at his jokes, they nodded at his points, they murmured in agreement. Also, they showed up, which had caused some brief concern. He may not be Jim Wallis, but he's got something to say.

I'm proud of you, Matt Flemming. And, I managed to control myself and not bring my rainbow wig or big foam finger or sign that read, "I share intimate moments with this man!!" or, "I know Matt Flemming (Biblically, that is)" which I think is a sign of my devotion.

You've worked long and hard for such a time as this. Well done, Boo.


Cheryl Thompson said...

And, I have to say, he's way prettier than Jim Wallis, too.

Christie said...
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Christie said...

As the person instructed to save you a seat, I want to express my own gratitude that you left your wigs, foam appendages, and signs at home. I am also very glad you could be there!

Judith said...

That is just so adorable!