Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breaking the Fast...No, no! This time I mean it!

The Flemmings have just recovered from the great Pneumonia Outbreak of '09. It was awful. They boys returned to school yesterday for the first time since MARCH 19. Which is, in case you're counting as actively as I am, NEARLY TWO WEEKS.

We've been awash in fevers, sleepless nights, screaming toddlers, Augmentin that tastes like poo (the pharmacy swore it was bubble gum), and Albuterol laced with amphetamines. In short, it's been awesome. Really, really awesome. And by awesome, I mean slightly less disconcerting than this:

[HOLY CRAP, who writes this stuff?!?!?!? Apparently, the writers of "One Tree Hill" were also hopped up on Albuterol when they wrote this scene. I was crying from laughter after seeing this on Friday night. It's ABSURD!]

Anyway, the boys are back in school, Matt and I have actually seen each other, and have stopped the revolving door parenting model, and have opted for the far more user friendly simultaneous parenting method. For our next trick? Conversation!

Thanks for your prayers, blessings and understanding. Somehow, I'll get up to posting all of the unwritten blog posts from the last 11 days.

Beware: you may be getting a lot of clips from The Soup.


irishdans said...

I am so glad you all are feeling better. Yes, conversation can be a challenge when coming off of the revolving door parenting drug. Take it slow. One. Word. At. A. Time.

Beth Fucile said...

Thanks to your 'Talk Soup' reference, I decided to watch that while running on the treadmill today. I must say it added a degree of difficulty. It's hard to belly-laugh and run fast at the same time!