Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why you should Google-search your blog title first...

[Subtitle: Can you tell that I should be writing my sermon for tomorrow?]

I was googling my own blog tonight, just to see where it cropped up. I do this on occasion, and I've found it in some new places in the last week (thanks, Methodist blogging world!).

I found no surprises, which is nice, but I did find this gem for the first time:

First, I invite you to guess the genre:
a. Science Fiction
b. Macabre
c. Horror Fiction
d. Southern Gothic
e. Bildungsroman
f. All of the above

For those of you who actually took the time to consider it, the correct answer is "C," though I'm certain many among us could argue at length at the legitimacy of "A," "B," and "E,"since this story must involve some fascinating childhood psychological development of the protagonist. I'm pretty sure this is not Southern Gothic, even in the broadest of definitions.

It turns out that Parley J. Cooper is a fairly prolific author from the 1970s, who whipped up such priceless literary treasures as "Wreck," "Conspiracy," "Restaurant," and, just to mix things up by adding an article, "The Studio." I found a stunningly enjoyable review of "The Feminists," which makes me want to run out and re-read "1984," just to cleanse my palate.

So, lesson learned. I thought I'd done my research when naming my Blog, and was fairly certain that even with the spattering of "Reverend Mothers" and "Rev. Mammas" out there, that this title wouldn't be too troubling. Perhaps what surprises me most is that I haven't seen this until now. Given that the author's name is also the name of my second-born, I would assume that this connection would have been made sooner. Ah, well. Revelation comes when the time is right.

So, to all the people who have googled "Salmon Risotto Wine Pairing" and come up with a photograph of my shoes in a wine rack (yes - this has actually happened), I offer you my apologies. Google, for all of its power and might, is not an accurate tool. But, it certainly is enlightening.

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