Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yet another reason why we love the City Schools of Decatur

Living in Decatur has been a fantastic experience for the Flemmings. We can walk to all kinds of cool stuff (if you consider Matt's office cool), and have really enjoyed shortening our commute. The City Schools are a big draw, and last week, our good friend, Bruce, who is the Principal at Renfroe Middle School got the call that they've been named a Georgia School of Excellence. It's a good time to be in Decatur.

And, the boys have had a great run at College Heights thus far. Jackson is rockin' out the Pre-K world, with his wonderful teacher, Ms. Angela Gabriel. Making her extra cool is the fact that she co-owns a feminist bookstore in Little 5 Points, Charis Books. So, J and his classmates read things like, "The Peace Book," and "Celebrate our Differences." It rules.

Cooper is having a swimmingly good time, as well, and super-loves his rockstar teachers, who teach him songs and dances to "We are Family" and "Lean on Me" (the Club Nouveau version, mind you. We be jammin', indeed). They even came to cheer him and his classmate on at their soccer game, bearing signs that said "GO LIONS!" and the like. They rule.

Cooper made fast friends with a boy in his class, and as it turns out, that boy's mama is a phenomenal photographer. This is a totally shameless plug for her, because LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS:

So, here's what you do. You call, write or e-mail Deana Levine and say, "You're amazing! Please photograph my children with the same ease and magic that you've shared with so many. Make my children that perfect on film!" Look how easy I'm making it for you:

Deana Levine
phone: 678-661-1408

So, you know, give her a call. Don't you want good pictures of your kids? DON'T YOU!

I thought so.

Love and blessings to you all!


Cat said...

Oh, Mandy! They are so beautiful!

Beth Fucile said...

I second that - Deana is so awesome! We have some great shots she took of our boys. She always seems to capture their personality so perfectly, as you can plainly see with J & C.