Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cooper James!

To my baby boy, my fiery ball of energy and light,

You turn three today. Last year, you discovered a passion for baseball. And, three years ago, you eased into the world as a content, observant hilarious spirit. You balanced a family into an equilateral shape of four, and brought endless joy to all of us. You taught your brother patience and called upon his nurturing spirit. You taught your father a new sense of pride and reflection, seeing so much of himself in you. And, darling one, you taught me delight and buoyancy, for my clunking soul gets weighted down so easily at times.

Today, you move away from your babyhood and embrace your emerging gifts- you are athlete and compassion. You are fierce and affectionate. You are hilarious and sincere.

You are my boy, my baby boy. My bean. And I love you.

Happy Birthday, Cooper James.


Meg said...

Please wish Cooper a very happy birthday for me!

Cindy said...

Yay! Happy, happy birthday to my second-favorite 3-year-old (and my favorite godson)!!!