Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hinton, Day 2: a day like any other

On my second year in attendance, I'm starting to get a sense of the macrorhythm of life at Hinton. Monday is a bit slow, as we all get a feel for one another, the family and our work. Tuesday comes with energy and vigor. The team is ready and arrive on site with a plan and direction. Wednesday, we hit a snag of some sort and start being less patient and more snarky. Thursday is one big scramble to overcome the snag and an astonishing amount of work gets done. Morale is high. Joy is renewed.

This was, then, a typical Tuesday. We arrived, and at Jackson's behest, we did a lot of construction before lunch. We dove into our jobs and got some things done. Benjamin and I had the goal of leveling the joists for the floor, which required prying a support beam off and, 7 nails and two hours later, nailing it back on. (But, let me assure you, that joist was LEVEL when we left.)

Jacob and Margaret dug a trench for the tubing protecting he wiring, which is among the most miserable sorts of jobs. They were outside in the hot sun, digging a 6 inch wide trench to lay wires under the house and another wire. At very least, it didn't have to be that deep.

Joseph, Ben and Jacob later took down the ceiling (hilarty ensued!), and Margaret made yet another drawing of the exterior windows. It certainly helps to have the progeny of two architects around.

All the while, Tori and Perry were outside with the youngest member of the Day family, who has hardly missed a moment of work. They scraped paint off two pieces of furniture, which are set to be transformed tomorrow.

Tonight, the youth are braving some interaction with the rest of the groups, leaving the boys and I with some time for a peaceful bedtime. We'll gather for ice cream and some music at 10:00 and prepare to see what will come our way tomorrow.

Peace and blessings...

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