Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have knit you together on my Ektorp Couch...

Many of you know I've taken up knitting. It started back in the fall when we moved our armchair into the living room, and created a cozy little nook next to the picture window. We haven't used this chair regularly since our first year of marriage when we had approximately 6.5 pieces of furniture (counting all four chairs at the kitchen table). Back then, as a newlywed, knitting seemed like the thing to do with my evenings. And, it was way better than studying. For the record - I also made my own pasta sauce from scratch back then.

But, now, with the knitting... I'm for serious, yo.

I encountered a bunch of lovely women recently who have been knitting for years. I'm a fairly crafty person, so it appeals to me on a number of levels. I thought that maybe it was time to take this hobby up again, but this time with some sense of maturity and purpose.

Recently, I've completed a few simple projects. I've done hats (see: Maisy and now, Cooper), scarves, and now have ventured into the scary world of: SOCKS.

I love these. I love them. They're crazy and bizarre, and scream "SOMEONE MADE THESE" because, really, who would buy such things?!

Matt suggests that it looks something like a medieval torture device right now, what with all the tiny, poky needles sticking out everywhere, but one day, these are going to be soft, cozy, and loud.

Watch for them in my Clark's mary janes sometime soon...

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