Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...


1. Staying up until 3:30 am working on nonsense (i.e. blogging) because it's the most time you've had in your house, unfettered and unneeded by anyone else in what might be weeks.

2. Being awakened at 6:50 a.m. and trying to convince 2 year old and 4 year old that it's really not wake up time yet and everyone needs to go back to sleep. Foolishly whisper the word "breakfast... mrphle... later" in hopes that they will take the hint and nod off for a few days. Oddly, this encourages them to begin shouting for breakfast sooner rather than later. Cave.

3. Once again, cramming too much work into too little time in hopes that there will, someday, be a wrinkle in the fabric of the time-space continuum and a bonus 20 minutes will appear on your watch. Feel mystifyed when this doesn't happen.

4. In the balmy afternoon, taking the children on a walk down our street to the dead-end where a trail leads to Dearborne Park.
Okay - this was actually a great idea, but it has three bad idea sub-categories:
a. Allowing oldest boy to wear beloved Buzz Lightyear costume on said walk. With crocs. And no socks. (What could possibly go wrong?!)
b. Encouraging both oldest and youngest boy to come out and play on the large rock in the middle of a pretty fancy creek, so as to float leaf boats down the current.
c. Not having dry clothes on hand for both boys when they, inevitably, fall down on large, slippery rock and flail about in the 1/8" of water that has rendered their balance unattainable and their clothes unrecognizable.

5. Making Huevos Rancheros without any frijoles. The fried eggs were delicious, but somehow the "whole wheat tortilla/refried pinto bean/conspicuous-in-its-absence salsa" combination was not a resounding success.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode when Mandy visits her college roommate and suitemates with their collective NINE CHILDREN (ages five and under) in tow. Hilarity ensues!

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