Friday, November 7, 2008

A President who "looks like me!"

In this morning's AJC, there is an article written by my friend and Cooper's Godmother, Cindy. You might have seen a little bit about her here, at their family blog. I had the privilege of reading it early, and I still weep every time. I am delighted to present it here, for all of you to enjoy. The star of the article is photographed here with Jackson at J's most recent birthday party.

(For those of you Atlanta Journal-Constitution subscribers, you can find it in the @Issue section of your morning paper. Just turn the last page of the first section, and look down at the bottom for the photo of this lovely family riding the Pink Pig at Macy's in Lenox Square.)

Mixed-race child can see a president who ‘looks like me!’

Friday, November 07, 2008

African-Americans throughout the United States and the world will be talking about the 2008 elections for years and generations to come...

They will replay Barack Obama’s election night speech over and over; they will collect the newspaper front pages that note the nation’s “Change of Course” (Athens Banner-Herald) or call Obama “Mr. President” (Chicago Sun-Times). At my employer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, people packed the lobby Wednesday and Thursday mornings for a chance to buy extra copies of the paper that heralded Obama’s “Historic Win.”

They see a man who gives them hope, who promises change. They see him as the culmination of the civil rights movement.

I see a kindergartner.... (click here to read the full article)

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