Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Six Years Ago ...

September 1, 2002

Hurricane season.

Summer internships.

Pulpits, commutes, funerals.

Stress and beauty.

Boxes stacked with gifts inside.

Late nights, sitting side by side, carefully crafting calligraphy and wax seals on invitations.

A single cell phone, shared between us.

Dinners at fancy restaurants, searching for the best place for the rehearsal dinner.

Long drives to Marlton for dress fittings.

Long distance phone calls to relatives and bridesmaids.

New tuxedo hanging in the closet, a gift from the retailer.

Collecting responses, selecting menus, sipping wines, ordering shoes.

Hurried chaos and frenzy. Tiny meltdowns and major sighs.

Anticipation. Wonder. Joy.

The day.

Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain.

Sister Joan spoke truth and power. She commanded the rain, and it behaved.

Early hair appointments. Gatherings of friends.

Family arrive with candles and ribbons.

Beautiful girls in beautiful dresses gather in the bottom of the chapel.

Handsome men looking dapper fumble with flowers.

All is quiet. The music begins.

The bride enters, glowing. The groom smiles, knowing.

There is peace. All is well and right and good and as it should be,
as the rain falls and the preacher proclaims this love to be better than good, better than tov...
it is sent from God and will be set as a seal upon our hearts, for love is strong as death.

We break bread and share the cup with all whom we love and all who love us.
We call them by name and serve them in reverence.

The rain stops.

The dancing begins.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Friends pull us aside to congratulate us.

The choir sings.

O my love's like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in June. O my love's like a melody that's sweetly played in tune. As fair art thou, my Bonnie lass, so deep in love am I. I will love you still, my dear, 'till all the seas gang dry.

The rain poured down... the seas will not go dry.

I will love you still my dear, for you have been set as a seal upon my heart, as a seal upon my arm.

Thank you for six beautiful years, Matty.


Matthew said...

My sweet love, I remember each day the light emanating from you when you entered the church. To know that I am able to witness that beauty each day is the great blessing of my life. Thank you for six wondrous years, the joy of our two little boys, and the hope born of lives committed to serving the church of Jesus Christ together. Love, Matt

BDR said...

UM...Matt's MUSH aside...this thing looks like a LIST to me!